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Fire Protection


We are a Fire Protection Specialist company, specializing in Fire Suppression System and Environment-Friendly Products that Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) & Zero Global Warming Potensial (GWP).We are a delaer of PYROGEN products for Indonesia and has been certified for the installation and provision of After Sales Service. Pyrogen products are well known and in use in the field of Industry, Mining, Government Agencies, Power, Telecommunications, Office Building, Plaza / Mall, Hotel, Hospital, Land Transportation, Sea Transportation, Air Transportation, Military Equipment and the like...Read More

  • EXA Demonstration in Electrical Cabinet
  • EXA in Action
  • IPEX Demonstration in Public Bus
  • IPEX in Action
  • Pyroinert Demonstration
  • Pyroprevent Demonstration
  • Pyroprevent Demonstration
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