PYROinert Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems


PYROinert-55 Inert Gas Fire Suppression System is the environmentally friendly fire protection solution of choice for archive rooms, data centres, control rooms, vaults and many other high valued assets.

PYROinert is a Clean Agent system comprising of 50% Nitrogen and 50% Argon. As inert gases are found naturally in the atmosphere, they do not contribute to global warming nor harm the ozone layer. Due to the vast availability of inert gas supplay, refilling costs are significantly lower than other fire suppression systems. They are non-conductive, non-corrosive, colourless, odourless and chemically inert (non-reactive).

PYROinert extinguish fire by lowering the oxygen content in the protected enclosure to below the level that supports combustion or re-ignition of fire, Under normal conditions, the oxygen level in air is approximately 21%. To extinguish fire, PYROinert reduces the oxygen level to approximately 12% to 15%. At this oxygen level, personnel present inside the protected enclosure would still be able to breathe.

PYROinert is stored in 80 litre pressurised cylinders with filling pressures of either 200Bar or 300Bar. Installation of PYROinert can be via single row or double row manifolds. Every cylinder is equipped with quick release valve, pressure gauge, bursting overpressure safety device and discharge hose. The master cylinder (first cylinder of the system) will be equipped with an electro-pneumatic release unit for actuation via electrical signals from a Fire Extinguishing Control Panel.

Inert Gas Systems are Clean Agents which is described clearly by the National Fire Protection Association of America under their standard NFPA2001: Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems and the International Standards Organisation under ISO 14520: Gaseous fire-extinguishing system.

PYROinert has been evaluated and certified by VdS Fire Safety in Cologne, Germany - which is Europe's foremost institute for fire protection and security certification.



Fire is only possible with the three elements as shown in the fire triangle.
The elements being:

During the discharge of PYROinert-55, the Nitrogen and Argon will flood the protected room and steadily replace Oxygen within the room.

When the oxygen level is reduced to below 15%, fire will cease to exist.

The extinguishment is normally achieved within 60 seconds from the discharge of the system.























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